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Mary Wagner, ativista pró-vida canadense, foi presa por ter entrado numa clínica abortista de Toronto, ter oferecido rosas às pacientes e ter tentado dissuadi-las de abortar. O Canadá, país geralmente considerado mais tolerante e mais aberto que os Estados Unidos é hoje governado por Justin Trudeau, político para quem o aborto não é um mal necessário mas sim um direito e um símbolo sacrossanto da sociedade moderna. Por detrás da figura jovem e moderna de Trudeau, que goza de grande aceitação e apoio na imprensa canadiana, americana e europeia, está uma história familiar tumultuosa tendo como protagonistas o pai Pierre Trudeau, líder carismático do Canadá nos anos 70 e 80, e “playboy” na vida privada, e a mãe que, após o colapso do casamento, se enredou numa espiral psicótica ligada à droga.




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Canadian pro-lifer awaiting trial remains jailed after refusing to stop defending unborn

TORONTO, January 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Jailed pro-life heroine Mary Wagner is scheduled for another court appearance January 26, but it’s unclear if a trial date will be set at that time.

Wagner, who is representing herself, appeared briefly in an Ontario, Canada, courtroom on Friday to receive disclosures of evidence of the Crown’s case against her.

She will be back in court in two weeks to discuss with the judge how to move the case forward.

Wagner, 43, has been in jail since her December 8 arrest at Women’s Care Clinic, an abortion facility located on the fifth floor of 960 Lawrence Avenue West in Toronto.

She and a friend entered the abortion center with red roses and attempted to persuade women to choose life for their unborn children.

Wagner is charged with mischief and two counts of breach of probation.

In a December 22 court appearance, Wagner asked Justice Howard Chisvin to release her on the sole condition she return for her trial, pointing out that she is already under two probation orders to stay away from all abortion centers in Ontario.

The judge refused, and instead imposed the Crown’s requested bail of $500 and the condition that Wagner stay away from abortion centers until her trial.

“It’s up to you, Ms. Wagner, to sign it or not sign it,” Chisvin told her. “If you choose to sign it you can go…”

But Wagner refused to sign the bail order. She will likely remain behind bars until her trial.

And just when the trial will take place remains an open question, said Wagner's friend and supporter Linda Gibbons.

A well-known pro-life advocate, Gibbons has spent two weeks shy of 11 years in jail for her peaceful pro-life witness outside Toronto’s abortion centers.

She characterized the judge’s bail condition, as well as the repeated court appearances, as “abusive” to Wagner.

“What they offered her is a violation of her conscience,” Gibbons told LifeSiteNews. 

“They’re telling her, okay, we’ll stop beating you if you sit down and turn your back on the unborn. And, that’s not Mary.”

A faithful Catholic, Wagner has spent four years, nine months and counting behind bars for her peaceful and prayerful attempts to rescue women and unborn babies from the violence of abortion.

But Wagner accepts these consequences in solidarity with children in the womb, who have no voice and no protection under law, says Gibbons.

Canada has sanctioned the killing of unborn children since 1969, when then-Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s Liberal government passed an omnibus bill decriminalizing abortion. 

The Supreme Court struck down that law in 1988 with the Morgentaler decision, which resulted in abortion on-demand for practically any reason. To date, Canada’s parliamentarians have failed to legislate any protection for the child in the womb. 

Moreover, Prime minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have made the false claim that there is a Charter right to abortion. They have made this claim a Liberal Party imperative and their government’s driving core mandate.

“When Mary’s in court, it’s not her that’s on trial, it’s the system that’s on trial,” Gibbons told LifeSiteNews. 

The “rigmarole” that Wagner is going through is “abusive” to her, Gibbons said, but Wagner is “taking it on” as part of her identification with unborn children.

“The unborns’ suffering has been drawn on for 40 years, so if Mary has to go to court umpteen times to defend life, that’s her little identification with the unborn,” added Gibbons.

“I often had a saying, that the system wants to chew me up, but they haven’t figured out how to spit me out. And, that applies to Mary, too.”

Wagner is scheduled to appear in Room 303, 1000 Finch courthouse, January 26.

Her mailing address is: Vanier Center for Women, 655 Martin St., Milton, ON L9T 5E6



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From the front lines of the culture wars

Justin Trudeau is passionate about abortion.

Justin Trudeau:

… And according to Jonathan Kay, much about Justin Trudeau can only be explained by his relationship with his mother. As the ill-fated marriage between Pierre and Margaret collapsed noisily, Margaret hit the road to live a whirlwind life of drugs, drinking, and promiscuity, attempting to outrun or self-medicate her mental health issues and struggles with depression. The tabloids lapped it up, and photographs of her dancing in Studio 54 made headlines in Canada. She toured with rock stars, had affairs with prominent celebrities, and became a cultural symbol of the Sexual Revolution.

Occasionally, she came home to see her boys. As Kay wrote after working with Trudeau on his memoirs:

What remains in my memory are the stories from his childhood. It’s one thing for daddy to leave. That happens all the time, sadly. But when mommy walks out, that’s something very different. We are conditioned to think of a mother’s love as the one unshakable emotional pillar of a child’s life. When that pillar folds up and walks out the front door, how do you keep the roof from collapsing?

Many ordinary people never recover psychologically from that kind of rejection. And Justin’s case was far from ordinary—because the whole world knew he’d become motherless. There she was, on the pages of sleazy magazines, partying it up in skimpy clothing at Studio 54. Trudeau’s classmates showed these photos to him at school. Lots of boys endure “yo momma” taunts. Not all of them come with a glossy, full-colour appendix.

A need to deal with maternal rejection doesn’t just define Justin Trudeau. It defines the attitudes of people around him. Once you enter his world and know something of the emotional pain he experienced as a youth, the knowledge knocks the metaphorical silver spoon out of his mouth. What good is the glitz of being a prime minister’s son when you’re living a childhood parched of mother’s milk?

Trudeau and his mother, of course, famously repaired their relationship as Margaret came to realize the impact mental illness was having on her behavior and sought help in what would become a very public journey. But as Kay notes, her actions—and departures—have done much to create the man who now serves as Canada’s prime minister.

Trudeau adores his mother, and obviously adored his father as well. One has to wonder: Did his father’s actions and lifestyle and his mother’s confession to Playgirl magazine about her own abortion inform not only Trudeau’s beliefs, but his passion for abortion? Did these circumstances develop Trudeau’s conceptualization of abortion not as a “necessary evil,” as some politicians would phrase it, but as a genuinely good thing?

We can only speculate, of course. The evidence is circumstantial, although an examination of Trudeau’s childhood and background tells us much about the prime minister he would become. There is tragedy inherent in the Trudeau story: Little boys left without their mother after a marriage publicly collapsed, an aborted half-sibling they never met, and a little girl rejected by her father, who did not even want to reside in the same city as his daughter.

Justin Trudeau has chosen to champion the Sexual Revolution and the abortion carnage that has resulted from it, but his own history provides us with a cautionary tale and highlights the ugliness and heartbreak that accompanies the so-called freedoms progressives like to celebrate. 

The final tragedy is that Justin Trudeau has learned all the wrong lessons from his family’s history.