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O que diz Salvini?... O Ministro do Interior de Itália, homem forte do novo governo transalpino, líder da extrema-direita italiana, voltou a dizer, simplesmente, que o rei vai nu, ou seja, mais ou menos o seguinte: ou os europeus têm filhos ou vão continuar a importar escravos, nomeadamente africanos, para fazer tudo aquilo que os europeus não querem, ou já não sabem, ou já não conseguem fazer. Isto, claro, enquanto houver capacidade financeira para tal. Como de costume, o establishment, sempre em contrapé, sempre falho de argumentos, desta vez pela voz do Ministro dos Estrangeiros Luxemburguês, limitou-se a proferir impropérios gratuitos. 


Italy's Matteo Salvini provokes vulgar outburst from Luxembourg in fresh row over migrants

Italy’s combative interior minister has again clashed with the European establishment, earning a vulgar rebuke from Luxembourg’s foreign minister over his views on immigration.

Matteo Salvini addressed a migration conference in Vienna on Friday and outlined his opposition to Italy accepting any more migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean from Libya and Tunisia.

He said he was totally opposed to the view, espoused by some European leaders, that with ageing populations, EU nations need to accept more migrants.

“I’ve heard colleagues say that we need immigration because the population of Europe is getting older, but I have a completely different viewpoint,” said Mr Salvini, who heads the anti-immigration League party.

“I believe that I’m in government in order to see that our young people have the number of children that they used to a few years ago and not to transplant the best of Africa’s youth to Europe.

“Maybe in Luxembourg they need to do this, but in Italy we need to help people have more children, rather than bring in modern-day slaves (from Africa) to replace the children we're not having."

The remark provoked the irritation of Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s foreign minister, who was sitting close by and started mumbling “Blah, blah, blah.”

Mr Salvini asked the minister if he could be allowed to finish his address, but Mr Asselborn, who is also Luxembourg’s minister for immigration and asylum, lost his patience and interjected in French.

“In Luxembourg, sir, we have welcomed thousands of Italians who came to work in our country, as migrants, so that you in Italy had money for your children.”

He finished with the words “Merde, alors”.